Roby Supersax

Speaker Of The Sax

World Class Sax for Any Occasion...

Roby "Supersax" Edwards is one of small number of world-class Blues, R&B, Soul, Rock, Funk, Soul-Jazz and Balladeers of the Tenor Saxophone. In addition to playing all the mentioned genres with equal potency, Roby Supersax is atypical from many others in that he is as entertaining to watch as he is to hear. Roby Supersax harnesses the power, history and majestic legacy of the Tenor Saxophone as a musician along with the joy and nessecity of entertaining and showmanship to enourmous success. 

Roby Supersax performs in just about any configuration: Frontman, Featured Sideman, Recording Artist and Soloist. Roby also has a Solo Sax Show which is just as Entertaining as anything Roby Supersax does with his saxophone.

Roby Supersax has the gravitas, history and passport stamps to witness a nearly 25 year career as one of the most talented musicians of his era. Having performed in more than 20 countries, for tens of thousands of people, along with some of the legends of music history, on stage and in studio, Roby Supersax is only getting started. "Supersax", the moniker bestowed on Roby in Paris from the great Chicago Bandleader Boney Fields, has put all the unique and priceless elements of a self-determined persuit of saxophone greatness together in a seamless, captivating package you won't want to miss.

You need Sax!

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